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ESD WORKSTATION COVERS Protect from Static, Dust, Etc.

ESD Workstation Covers provide Faraday Cage over entire workstation, shields work in progress from static, dust, etc. Conductive fabric polyester filament with a carbon suffused nylon grid. Surface resistivity 10
5 Ohms/sp. Washable and includes bound edges. A 3/8 female grounding snap and silk screened ESD symbol are optional. Choice of Airlite 3 or Polystats material and colors available. Let us make it to your specification.
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Mil Specs require ESD sensitive items to be shielded from static charges during transportation and storage. The Static Shielding Product Covers were designed to provide the solution to this industry wide requirement. The vinyl-based covers are static dissipative on the inside and conductive on the outside. They are manufactured to custom dimensions required by the user, and are durable cart covers for the roughest manufacturing environment. Custom silk screening and labeling can also be provided such as static warning symbols, company logos, part numbers, etc.,

ESD CHAIR COVERS Applications/benefits

Utility covers
ESD Chair covers   With your dimensions we can custom fit your existing chairs, making them static-free.   List
Static Control field service kit
These quality Esd Worksation Covers will be customized for your ESD specifications and requirements.
A Work Surfaces field service kit provides your technician the same protechtion against electrostatic discharge in the field that you provide in your plant. The 24” x 26” work surface is offered in either dissapative (dark blue) or conductive top (black) and dissipative reverse (light blue). Made of tough industrial woven polyester fabric and specially formulated wear resistant vinyl surfacing, they will not crack or tear. Two large pockets provide convenient, static-free transport. Included in the kits are an AE-tron adjustable wrist strap with six foot coil cord, fifteen foot heavy duty ground cord and an anti-static storage bag.

Model 30180 Conductive/dissipative 26” x 24” Black top with blue underlayer.
Model 30185 Dissipative 16” x 24” dark blue.
Airlite 3 colors
black white gray Light Blue
blue brown green burgandy
Polystat colors
Polystat 3 white Polystat gray Polystat 3 blue
For more product information 2-layer mats Airlite 3 specs 2-layer mats Polystat specs
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