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“We tested the connector over an extended period of time and found it worked flawlessly.” ESD JOURNAL

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The Brass Grounding parts are Work Surface Corp. original designs and are machined to our specifications. They are in compliance with EIA/ESD S20.20 and ANSI/ESD S6.1-2009. For many years our grounding hardware has been used extensively by Commercial Facilities and Government Contractors. Because of design and durability they perform with excellence to protect your product and personnel. Be assured that our ESD grounding systems will surpass expectations in the static free environment of your ESD Protected Area.
1 WS-4419L ESD laminate ground bolt - 2 inches long
2 WS-4419 ESD laminate ground bolt – 7/8 inches long – good for table Manufacturers – to install, stack, and ship.
3 WS-4429 Wrist strap ground block for metal frame installation
4 WS-J1 Single Banana plug receiver – for carts, cabinets, racks , Equipment – anything metal.
5 WS-4421 Wrist strap ground block for wood core surface installation
WS-4428 Wrist strap ground block for metal frame where isolation is required.
7 WS-375 Common Point Ground – five 10-32 screw connections and six Banana plug receiver holes.
WS-400 Common Point Ground – nine 10-32 screw connections and two Banana plug receiver holes
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pdf 1 specs pdf 3,5,&6 specs pdf 7&8 specs
pdf ESD workstations pdf Test Results pdf Installation instructions
ESD brass grounding products
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