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esd heel straps

Work Surfaces offers heel grounders for mobile personnel. Electrostatic voltage on moving personnel can reach levels as high as 12,000-35,000 volts. By using heel grounders to establish a continuous ground path between mobile personnel and conductive flooring, static dissipation to zero volts accomplished in less than 0.1 seconds at all levels of humidity.
3000-H Heel grounder, stretch velcro, 3 layer rubber, non marking, White/Black
3000R-H Heel grounder with 1meg-1/4 watt resistor



3001-H Heel grounder, stretch velcro, 3 layer rubber, non-marking, Red/Black/White
3001R-H Heel grounder with 1meg-1/4 watt resistor.

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Atron Stretch Glove
Made from 100% dissipative knitted nylon. The palm and finger tips have urethane coating for non-slip grip, facilitating delicate assemble work.

ESD knitted glove with coated palm.

Lg. yellow cuff....... 2001L
Md. gray cuff......... 2001M
Sm. Green Cuff..... 2001S
Atron strech gloves, Large fit ESD knitted glove
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